Best Android apps for learning to code


Learning to code can seem daunting, but with lessons created by industry experts at Google and beyond, you can be confident that you are learning from the best. There are hundreds of free courses that can help you learn the basics or beef up your existing skill sets.

Each lesson in broken down into pieces to make everything easier to digest. Whether you want to follow a track to learn coding and programming, or you have specific coding languages you are interested in, it’s easy to jump right in. There are several different difficulties for lessons, from beginner to advanced.

Udacity is the best app for learning to code by virtue of the amount of content available, all of which is backed up by industry experts. Knowing that you are learning from the best means that you can be confident as you add coding skills to your repertoire.

Bottom line: Udacity delivers excellently curated lesson plans taught by experts in the industry. You can find the right lesson for your skill level, and explore more advanced lessons as you master the basics.

One more thing: You can download lessons if you’d prefer to complete them offline.

Khan Academy

When it comes to learning for free, Khan Academy is definitely at the head of the pack. They have a massive library of content for you to peruse and educate yourself with, and absolutely all of it is available for free. You will need to do go searching for the lesson that you want to learn, which can be a bit frustrating when you are first getting started.

Once you have found the lesson you’re looking for you can open it up. Each lesson is a little bit different, and they aren’t all of the same quality. However when you’re learning on a budget, Khan Academy is definitely an excellent way to get the job done. Their catalog is so extensive that the sheer number of lessons can be a bit daunting, but using filters you can find and access whatever you are looking for.

Bottom line: Khan Academy offers a gigantic catalog of lessons for teaching yourself new skills, including coding. Even better, absolutely everything that they offer is accessible for free.

One more thing: You can bookmark your favorite articles from within the app, making it easy to find them again and again.


Our world is changing as a ridiculously fast pace, and helping children to be as prepared as possible for their future is a solid choice. Lightbot is a game developed for children to teach them the basics of coding by playing a game. As they play, the game introduces the fundamentals of programming like sequencing, procedures, and loops.

Getting kids interested and engaged with a topic like coding and programming can be difficult. That’s why this is a game that has them use programming concepts in order to learn. It makes things much easier for them, and gives them a leg up on their future.

Bottom line: Lightbot makes learning programming fundamentals fun and easy.

One more thing: The free version of the app delivers 20 levels, and by upgrading to the full version there are 50 levels.


Learning to code can be a daunting task when you don’t even quite know where to start. Encode makes that easy by breaking down everything into lesson modules that are small and easy to digest, starting at the absolute fundamentals. Each subsequent lesson builds off of what you have already learned, and introduces new concepts for you to master.

In each lesson module, there are multiple steps. Each of them gives you details instructions on what you are doing, and includes an interactive element. By having you read and then perform the action, you’re able to better absorb the lesson. This means that it’s more concrete in your head, and that you won’t have to repeat lesson just to remember the basics.

Bottom line: Encode delivers great lessons on learning to code, starting with the absolute fundamentals. By having you immediately use the skill you are learning, everything cements better making it easy to quickly progress from fundamental to advanced programming.

One more thing: Encode does have a Pro mode which will allow you to unlock even more content than the free version already offers.


While there are plenty of apps out there that can help you learn to code from home, Udacity does the best job. They have an emphasis on learning to code, unlike many other apps that have a more varied catalog of lessons to be learned. With input from industry experts, you get access to know-how from professionals in their field.

While you do have to pay for more advanced courses, there is tons available for free and it is excellently curated. Finding the right lesson is also a breeze, thanks to the navigation setup.


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